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The Challenges Ahead

Well… depending where you are in the continuum or journey, as we have called it for a long time, there are challenges ahead. I am not saying they are insurmountable by any means, but to deny them is to deny change, and change is inevitable whether good or bad.

I have written about this subject in the past and hope this is not just one more version of the same. I will do my best to ensure it isn’t. Challenge or challenges as in plural, are just a part of life –
don’t we all agree? I think it is reasonable to say they are, and from day one we are faced with them. We are challenged to breathe at birth and on and on it goes. As someone now in my 60’s I have faced many challenges like you will have in your own life. We can argue or compete with each other as to who has experienced the most difficulties in life, but that is a waste of time and energy.

Not All Challenges Are Negative

Challenges can cause us to learn things that are very positive. School and learning can be a challenge, and isn’t learning a positive thing? For me it has been the most fascinating part of my own life despite the challenge it has been at times. The same can be said for many things in life, can’t they? I think so.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with our health and hep C. Well… where to start. Again, perspective and context really does matter. From my perspective, looking back, the biggest challenge for me initially, was being diagnosed. It was very hard, and wrapping my head around the idea that I had this disease, which was causing me, so much misery could also end my life in what felt like weeks potentially. I knew nothing about hep c – zip. I should say I knew nothing that was real or accurate at the time.

Overcoming Challenges in Life from Hep C

No, I was not going to die in a few weeks or months and yes there was hope and lots to learn. What changed is that the challenge I faced at first was overcome, and although there were others to come, I felt better about how I could deal with them, and that was huge for me.

My point is obvious I know, and it is not any big new message to any of us, but for me I have had to relearn some of these things as they apply to health. It seems to me that when it comes to health issues the knowing we have is not always applied. There is much that is counter-intuitive in the systems we face when we seek wellness and this can be very daunting and therefore a challenge to many of us. Some of you may read this and say “not me” and that is wonderful for you, but in my experience, even the strongest among us can be felled by the news of a hep C diagnosis.

I now choose to deal with challenges in my health as they come. No promises this will help you, and there are some of us with many obstacles to overcome, which make it harder. I don’t suppose or presume that my own experience or what helps me will work for you. Good luck with all your challenges and may you find the silver lining when it presents itself.

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