How Do I Tell My Partner That I Have Hep C? Part 2

In the last blog, I shared my personal journey with sharing with my then spouse about testing positive for hep C, the rejection I got, and the guilt, fear, and isolation it made me feel.

I spoke on educating yourself the best you can about hepatitis C. Learn how it is contracted and the symptoms you may or may not have. These are going to be the key tools in sharing with anyone, not just your spouse or partner. People fear what they do not understand or know about.  Hep C through the years has had a black shadow following it, casting gloom around those having it. Stigma, isolation, and rejection has been common reactions thrown at those suffering from hep C.

We can fight hepatitis C

Just in the last 15 years of myself being diagnosed, going from nothing about hep C to TV commercials talking about hep C has brought much needed attention to this now CUREABLE disease. That there, my friends, is what we need to focus on... hep C is CUREABLE!

When sharing your diagnosis with anyone you, do risk the possibility of a negative reception of the news. People are not going to react how we want them to. We can’t control other responses, but we can control how we receive it.  We must remove our self from the negative stabs at us and try to understand from an outsider... Fear is driving 99% of all reactions about hep C. It is our job now, as patients, advocates, and caregivers, to educate those around us about what hep C is, etc.

Leaning on others for support

The more we can educate the public (those closest to us), the less fear about the disease will be there. I don’t suggest going out and putting your diagnosis on a billboard, by any means, but you do need someone in your corner; Even if you only share with one person close to you, that is huge.

I wish so badly that I shared with my best friend about this.  I guess I assumed because my spouse at the time was so negative and fully rejected me, that every person around me would do the same. Trust your circle of friends. You know who you can open to and who not, but make sure you are fully equipped to handle numerous questions about it. If you do not have the answers tell them that and tell them you are curious too and will get answers to that question. Do not ignore and pretend this is not happening in your life. You must get treatment earlier than later. The longer you prolong out of fear of other’s thoughts, the worst you are creating in your liver. This virus can destroy livers. Sure, it takes years/decades, but do gamble your liver health on fear.

It does not matter how anyone contracted the disease. We all deserve that CURE.

Not without a fight! ~HCV~ ©

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