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How to Talk Anonymously about Hepatitis C

Sometimes, it can be difficult to talk about hepatitis C. With the stigma that often surrounds hep C, you may not want to share your diagnosis with everyone in your life. But even if you choose to be more private, you may still want to connect with others who have been diagnosed with hep C. At HepatitisC.net, there are ways to participate, get information, and connect with others without revealing your identity. Here we explain how to talk anonymously about hepatitis C on our platform.

Creating an anonymous username

Creating an anonymous username on HepatitisC.net is the best way to engage with the hep C community without revealing your identity. Check out the instructions below to learn more about making an anonymous account on the hep C community:

  • Choose a username that does not use your first and last name, and avoid any nicknames that might easily identify you.
  • Click here to register for HepatitisC.net
  • Enter your anonymous username
  • Enter your email address. Your email will not be visible to other users on HepatitisC, and we never sell or give away email addresses. Your email will be used to login to your account and receive your HepatitisC.net weekly newsletter.

Participating with your anonymous username

Once you log in, you will be able to participate on HepatitisC.net while also maintaining your privacy. You can share as much or as little as you want about your hepatitis C experiences and journey. If you choose to remain anonymous, make sure you do not post anything that includes personal information about your identity.

Some examples of identifying information might include:

  • Your location (generally, mentioning your state or country is fine!)
  • Full names of your family members or friends
  • Your place of employment
  • Detailed medical information

Where to participate anonymously

There are several places to participate while maintaining your privacy here on HepatitisC.net.


Visit the forums to start your own discussion or participate in one that's already been started.


Get answers from the community by asking a question. You can also share your own answers to questions others have asked, helping other users anonymously.


Write an anonymous story to share what you're going through with the community.

Comment on articles

At HepatitisC.net, our patient advocates write relatable articles about life with hep C. If a particular article speaks to you, you can feel free to comment and share your thoughts, knowing that only your anonymous username will be visible.

There are many ways to participate and anonymously talk about hepatitis C while feeling confident that your activity will be completely private. Here are a few articles to help you get started.

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