Taking Lactulose

Taking lactulose can be a very difficult thing after some time for those who were prescribed this. This medication is used to help those with hepatic encephalopathy (brain fog) by clearing the toxins out of the blood.

What is lactulose

This liquid-prescribed medication causes your body to have more frequent bowel movements. These are critical for one fighting H.E. as those toxins from your struggling liver cannot filter out your body. 

This medication is much needed to keep the mind clear and not foggy as many with H.E. experience. This is a very serious condition that, if left untreated, could lead to coma and even death.

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My experience taking lactulose

When I was first prescribed it, I thought, “This tastes good. I can do this.” This solution is a very thick, clear sugary syrup.  

Depending on the prescribed dosage, you may take this up to three times daily. It tasted great, and I was ok taking it. Suddenly, this syrup became so gross to me that just the sweetness on my tongue would cause me to gag. 

Taking this spoonful at a time was not an option for me. So, I began to measure out my recommended dosages into a shot glass.

No, I do not drink any alcoholic beverages, and yes, my family collects shot glasses on trips we take. So, to make this horrible time of taking medication a little more fun … I choose to use various trip locations on these shot glasses to make taking this easier.

I don’t have any fancy ideas of how to take this medication. I have heard from my liver doctor it is best to take it without putting it into a drink or mixed into a food item. 

It would be best if you had the full benefit of this medication to work at its full potential and he recommended taking it alone. There have been other opinions on this, and my recommendation is to ask your doctor firsthand.

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