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Taking Time to Reset: Look After You

“Look after you”… Sound selfish? There are times when we have to make ourselves a priority. Is it wrong? Well, if all we ever care about is ourselves, that can certainly be a problem for those around us. Assuming that you normally are there for everyone in your social and family life, you may not be taking the time or investing the energy you need for you.

Some people are entirely concerned with the well-being of others and would never complain or show their own vulnerability when faced with adverse health or other challenges. Some would view that person as a kind of saint or angel, or a self-sacrificing champion for their family and friends. Even champions and angels need some time to focus on their own needs.

How to take care of yourself

Looking after ourselves can be practiced in a wide range of ways. It may be something as simple as taking time for a walk (if able physically), and it may be something as big as taking a course in an area of interest or something to forward a career (new or existing).

There are some obvious things we can do for ourselves, such as diet and activity, if we are capable physically. Emotional support is an important part of all our lives, and when we are unable to find it, there is a deficit in our general health. It works in both ways, with physical pain and difficulties affecting our moods and emotional wellness, and emotional pain affects our physical wellness. They do not exist in a vacuum and make up our whole person and therefore our general health and well-being.

Taking time to reset

Nothing new in any of my words. Whatever obstacles or challenges we face, it is important to take time to look after me. Some will say they take “me days”, which could be any number of activities, just time to look after themselves and find some rest or balance.

When dealing with a chronic condition like hep C, or any other, whether related or caused by hep C, we need time to reset. Take the time to look after you, it may help you to deal with what each day throws at you; It does help me and it may help you too.

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