Symptoms of Depression with Hepatitis C.

Symptoms of Depression with Hepatitis C

Depression can creep up on you slowly, like a cloud hiding the sun. It can also hit all of a sudden like a storm crashing in. No matter how depression settles into your life, there are ways to escape it’s clutches. Some symptoms of depression with hepatitis C are a lot like the effects of the virus itself. I’ve been there, maybe I can help you spot the signs.

Here are some things to watch for.

  • You really don’t give a hoot what happens to you.
  • You can’t remember the last time you laughed.
  • You can’t remember the last time you took a bath.
  • You’re eating everything in sight whether you’re hungry or not. It’s akin to being a human garbage disposal.
  • Nothing sounds like fun anymore.
  • You’re living in a messy house.
  • You don’t even care that you’re living in a messy house.
  • You can’t focus enough to read so you watch tv.
  • You watch an entire season of a tv show in one day because it feels good to check OUT of your own life.
  • You’re pissed off because this list is hitting home and it’s painful to hear the truth.
  • You are bored out of your mind, but turn down the chance to get out because it might depress you even more.
  • You hate happy people.
  • It feels like no one ever cared about you ever ever ever.
  • You find yourself staring at the ceiling worrying about everything far into the night.
  • You keep buying a bunch of things to help you feel better … clothes, shoes, gadgets, gear, and trinkets - and then stuff it all into a closet.
  • You buy more stuff to start a project and then stick it all in the garage.
  • You go on a starvation diet. Since nothing tastes good, who cares what you eat?
  • You begin substituting cigarettes for food.
  • You realize that your hair is the only thing on your body that doesn’t hurt.
  • The real pain is the pain comes from deep inside you.
  • You are wearing the same sweats for more than 4 days.
  • You are thinking the same sad thoughts for more than 40 days.
  • You burst out in spontaneous sobbing when you talk about your feelings.
  • You swallow the lump in your throat and vow to never cry again.
  • You stay up all night.
  • You stay in bed til noon.
  • You lose hope because you can’t believe that it will ever get better.

We’ve all experienced some of these symptoms. When it becomes too heavy, talk with a trusted friend or family member. They may invite a pastor or counselor to help. Others can give you some new ideas and tools to help you cope. If this doesn’t work, let your primary care doctor know that you may need to take some meds. Ask to talk with a professional.

  • Friends and family can listen and provide support.
  • Pastors and clergy will offer suggestions like books, support services, group activities, and other tools.
  • Primary care doctors may offer a prescription treatment or refer you to counseling.
  • Psychologists can help by talking through the causes of your depression.
  • Psychiatrists can help by offering a combination of medication and talk therapy.

Don’t let this list get you down. Becoming aware is the first step toward getting help. Depression is a part of life, especially when you're sick. Watch for symptoms of depression with hepatitis C virus. Wallow in it for a while, ask for help, and then look for ways to pull out.

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