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Surviving the Holidays with Hepatitis C

Surviving the Holidays with Hepatitis C

First off, let me say this is NOT a bah humbug blog. It is a survivors guide to getting through the month of December with some sanity. Actually, it’s more than that. It’s about having peace on earth even while struggling with hepatitis C and liver disease. Christmas has turned into such a big fuss about presents and decorations that it can be a lot of work. It’s important to take time out and look at some ways to survive.

Get Real

All of the family fun that everyone expects may not be all that much fun. There’s the crazy relative who always starts an argument. Somebody always gets their feelings hurt. You can go in and be an observer to all of that. It’s your family. Accept it for what it is and don’t expect too much.

Ho Ho Ho

Remember the guy in the red suit and you’ll forget about yourself. It’s about giving!  Maybe you can serve at a soup kitchen. Help deliver angel tree gifts to kids. Volunteer to be Santa Claus at a local church or community center. If you’ve got a swollen tummy from ascites, that’s ok. You can use one less pillow to stuff your Santa Suit.

Charlie Brown Tree

Even if it’s a 6 inch fake tree, I advise everyone to have something festive in their room. From ancient days, bringing in the greens has been a tradition. It’s a symbol that the winter is halfway over. There is new hope coming in the spring. The seasons can be a reminder that despite the cold frost, there is a bud waiting to bloom in spring.

Silver Bells

Hang up some shiny bling to allow light to be reflected in your home. Maybe your place is looking a little bland. String some twinkle lights around your computer or television. I personally think that I look better in low light and leave the Christmas lights on all year. Hang a bell on the door knob so visitors will be greeted with a ring a ling.

Make it Fun

When was the last time you used paper and glue? It’s honestly a lot of fun to use scissors and tape to tap your inner artist. Use the holidays as a reason to get creative and make some decorations. Remember using tin foil to make a star for the top of the tree. Maybe you can use old toilet paper rolls or even used pill bottles to make some ornaments.

Jingle Bell Rock

One way to make your holiday a little merrier is to put on some classic Christmas music. Some people I know don’t like the repeated hit list that they hear while shopping. Take your favorites and just play those. You might get up and dance around the tree.

Holy Night

It doesn’t matter what your religion is. This season is mean to honor the Christian faith, but many others have traditions to celebrate. Seek out a church, sanctuary, or synagogue. Allow yourself to feel the love, warmth, and peace that the season represents.

Brush away the Christmas blahs. Use some of these tips to help yourself survive the holidays. Even with liver disease from hepatitis C, you deserve to feel the joy in the season.

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