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The Storm Will End

Are you one of the people who have never felt sickness in your life but lately you feel tired like you never have before, having difficulty with focusing on things which were simple for you in the past, accompanied with confusion, unfamiliar digestive problems, or joint or other pain that appears to have come out of the blue?

These are some of the symptoms we can experience with hepatitis C, but not everyone experiences even one of these things, and generally it can take years before one does.

Far worse things can happen and those I mention can worsen as the disease progresses, along with others, but if any of the symptoms mentioned above sound like you, you should talk to your healthcare provider, and if you haven’t been tested for hep c, you should now ask to be tested.

I was not one of those who were lucky enough to know how it feels to have a lifetime without illness, but I can imagine it is wonderful. Not that I did not have any days in between the more difficult days.

I had migraines, sinus pain, sport and other injury, varicose veins at 18 (congenital), pneumonia, asthma, and chronic hep c was the capper.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fortunate enough to not have some of the common issues for someone my age (sixties). High blood pressure etc.

I suppose in balance we all have some things we have to deal with in this life, and some of us more.

It is important to believe in tomorrow, and as hard as it may feel right now, it can and likely will get better-the storm will pass.

I know sometimes it feels like you will never be well again and feel the energy and wellness you had before, but you can.

Faith and belief is a powerful thing and a driver for us, and if we don’t believe the storm will end it will always rain on our spirit and we know where that leads is often a kind of darkness.

One common symptom I did not mention was depression and anxiety.

As you may have read before, it is not uncommon with people who are living with hep C, and it is different for everyone, but it has been such a common thing that people share with me and I know it personally.

We need to reach out for help if we are dealing with any of these feelings, and a good talk with your doctor is one place to start. The assessment of your condition is best done by a professional-a good one.
It may be caused by the situation you are finding yourself in but if it persists please seek out help, and there is absolutely no shame in admitting you are struggling. Think of it in the same way you think of all the other health concerns you may have and approach the solution in a similar way-ask for help.

Don’t fear…the storm will surely end.

The clouds will clear, hep C can be cured, and you can feel well again with a little help and determination.

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