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Stop Complaining and Start Doing

Stop Complaining and Start Doing

Stop complaining about your situation and start doing things to change it. How many times have we all heard this through our journey in life? I know for myself growing up it was my mom’s favorite phrase. As much as we all try, it is hard to not want to partake in a self-pity party when we are not feeling well or in pain. We want others to sympathize and comfort us.

But What If…

But what if there is no one to soothe your hurt or make you feel better? Then what?

Many turn to social media as an escape from life. We scroll through others pictures, read what someone is having for dinner, and laugh at funny quotes posted. We do however see many pleas for help on these social sites as well.

What is your first reaction to these posts? Are you one to reach out to comfort and pray for that person? Or are you the type to just keep scrolling? These days a lot of negative is being posted flooding our news feeds with a cloud of dark gloom.

For myself, I am one to reach out to offer an uplifting push for someone in need. But, day after day of so much negative I begin to feel drained and consumed by the exhausting drama of the world. I start getting headaches and feeling blah. That is when I have to remove myself for a few days to regenerate myself back up.

Cutting Out the Negative Influences

I am a firm believer that what we continually put in our minds, our bodies begin to react to. This is where I decided years ago to not participate in forwarding media or negative things on my social sites. Instead, I do all I can to empower those fighting, struggling, and suffering with quotes of power.  Quotes that are bright, happy and encouraging.

Fighting a disease like hep C takes a toll on our physical bodies already and in order to maintain a strong fight to a cure, one must stay focused and empowered to do so. Therefore, you WILL NOT find this strength reading drama-filled posts.

Step away and search out those pages that offer you sources of inspiration. You will find that by doing so your fight will gain the strength it needs to beat hep C.

“Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~”©

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