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Start Up with Breakfast.

Start Up with Breakfast

Yes, we all know it’s true that a good breakfast is the best way to start your day. But how many of us actually eat within the first hour after we wake up? More importantly, what is it that we eat for breakfast? Whether you’re just starting treatment, or living life hep C free, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help you start up with breakfast. It will make your day better no matter what your motive is.

Make it easy. Over. Or well done. I’m talking about eggs. They are inexpensive, full of good protein, and the ideal breakfast food. (think of your favorite diner, or maybe grandma’s house). The protein in eggs are simple for your body to digest and get your engines going. Scrambled or boiled, they’re quick to make and good to eat.

Start with yogurt. By keeping some fresh raisins, nuts, or granola on hand, you have a clean breakfast that is good for you. You won’t even have to do the dishes. This one can be eaten on the go too. Just peel the lid, put in some goodies and you’re on your way to a healthy start for the day.

Go coo coo for oatmeal. Those sugary cereals just don’t make the grade when it comes to keeping your body stable. It’s going to take some high fiber, full grain cereals to stick to your ribs. With a few add ons like coconut oil, almond milk, and raisins, cereal will keep you full longer and blunt sugar cravings.

Shake it up with a great protein powder. My day isn’t started until I’ve had my shake. When I travel, it goes right with me. I will mix it with anything. It’s good with coffee, orange juice, even plain water. But it is best at home with my frozen banana and almond milk. You can add just about any fruit to the blend and it will become something you look forward to waking up to!

Plain ole toast is never to be frowned upon. Just think of all the things that go with toast: peanut butter, bananas, low sugar jam or jelly, coconut oil or margarine, cinnamon and brown sugar – the list goes on and on. Pair it with eggs or oatmeal and you’re sure to be satisfied.

The trick is to eat fairly soon after rising. It will help you to be more alert in the morning. Don’t use caffeine to wake up and then let your hunger be filled by the sugar in pop or coffee. If you wait too long, your body’s metabolism will think no fuel is coming. That causes it to slow down. You will actually feel more sluggish. You will also risk being so hungry by lunch that you gorge on unhealthy foods or snacks.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be hard. By using some of the ideas listed, you will always be ready to start up your day pre or post treatment. As extra insurance, keep granola bars handy for a pick me up between breakfast and lunch. You will be up and running for the day.

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