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Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out

Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out

What is more motivating than springtime? All of the vibrant colors and bright sunshine help to coax us out of our winter shell. Our mind can also trade in it’s dark doldrums as feelings of new life take over. You may have gotten a pile of clutter in your head during winter. A messy mind can be heavy and gloomy. Get to work on your mind by working outside.

Whether you have a large yard– or an apartment patio, there is a lot of enjoyment found in a spring cleanup. Take inventory of your yard or patio. Notice the areas that need a little sprucing up. While you’re cleaning outside, you’ll be amazed at how your mind gets clearer too. I’ve got mine started and invite you to join me in spring cleaning from the inside out!


Nothing makes work more fun than a good pair of gardening gloves. Pick a cheery color. Gloves help to protect your hands and keep them clean. In the same way, protect your heart from any harmful thoughts or actions that could hurt you. When you are sick with Hepatitis C, it’s important to stay healthy in your mind.


A few packets of seeds are a low cost way to watch miracles happen. Whether you choose flowers, herbs, or vegetables, pick one that is easy to grow in your zone. Seeds are like our thoughts. Whatever we think about will grow in our mind. If we think about how sad we are because of fatigue or body aches, it can make our aches seem worse. Try thinking of it as “stiffness” instead. Negative words are like weeds. They will take over the garden of your mind.


If you prefer plants to seeds, pick up a few of your favorite flowers or veggie plants at a local market. Some plants may be at a reduced price when they are wilted or have disease. That’s a lot like us. Our body may have jaundice or ascites. We feel like we will never be strong again. Nurture yourself just like you would a plant. Get lots of good food, water, and sunshine to help your body thrive.

Flower Pots

By starting your seeds in pots, you can watch the tender shoots grow up through the earth. When they are stronger and have a good root system, you can transfer them to a larger pot or flower bed. Don’t rush it or it will not survive. Don’t rush yourself and try to do too much too soon. You may need to take it easy if you are on treatment for Hep C. Let your body grow stronger on the inside before you tackle larger projects.

With the cold of winter behind you, now is the perfect time to get some plants started near your back door. As you clean off the patio furniture and watch your plants grow, notice how your mind gets clearer. Make room for beautiful plants and healthy thoughts with spring cleaning from the inside out.

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