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Speaking Truth About Hep C

As an advocate for hep C, I know quite a bit. Keep in mind, I am first to admit that I do NOT know everything, but what I do know and can share is my personal story, and the truth behind hepatitis C.  I can share what hep C did to my family, by taking my mother’s life way too soon. I can share that hep C left me fighting stage 4 cirrhosis and numerous other serious health issues.

An emotional rollercoaster

My hep C journey has not been easy.  I was shunned, made fun of, ridiculed, and shamed for having hep C. Through each step, I fought through tears, fear, pain, and guilt (for me living and my mom losing the fight). It was not a “wake up one morning and life is grand” kind of journey. For the most part, it was painful. Looking back, I often wonder where on earth my inner-strength came from. Yes, I believe whole heartedly in our God (you may have different beliefs, and that is ok, but this is my personal one). I know that through prayer, and through learning all I could about the disease that took my mom from me and was trying its best to destroy mine now, was where I gained courage.

My responsibility to speak-up

I was put in uncomfortable situations at my business where people refused to come near me. I was put on the spot in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine where they were doing all they could to get me to confirm hep C is a STD. I had to come out of my little, protective world and step forward with the truth. As blunt as I had to be with them, I shared the TRUTH on how one can contract hep C sexually.  This was not something I woke up that morning and said, “I am going to become a sex therapist”. Oh, gosh, no. I had a hard enough time giving my own kids the “birds and bees” talk, let alone the world.  But I had to do what was necessary to set the record straight and stop all the miscommunications about hep C. I was put in a position that needed to give the facts, the TRUTH.

Respecting your journey

There will be times when you are sitting at home, thinking about your own hep C, in fear. Fear of dying, fear of what others will think or say. That is all normal. I am here to say that it gets better. You will find an inner strength to pull up your boot straps and do what needs to be done to get yourself cured. You may also be called to set the record straight and share the truth about hep C to your family and friends. Be confident in knowing you can do this. No more hiding in fear or shame. Talk about hep C, share with others the importance of getting tested. Share your own personal story, what ever that might be. After all, it is just that- your story. You own that, you claim that. Good or bad, it is part of you and your journey. Who knows, by sharing your own truth, you might be helping someone out-there who is afraid in their home, of dying, or being shamed.

Stand up to the TRUTH about hep C. Together, we are STRONG.

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