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Socializing and Hepatitis C

When you are not feeling well, it is sometimes difficult to find a happy balance and be around people. I know when I am sick, hurting, tired, or foggy, I do not want to have to be in a place where I must try to fit in. By “fit in”, I mean acting interested and happy to be there among guests. I usually end up overdoing it at events by staying longer than I should have or eating food that is not good for my liver, like sweets and sodas.

Brain fog and social events

Having severe brain fog (hepatic encephalopathy), I have a very hard time staying focused on anything for periods of time. So, at these events, I can have a conversation with someone and then in a split second be totally lost as to what we were talking about or as I describe it, a moment of not remembering how to speak. I would stand with my mouth open as if I was to say something and nothing comes out. My kids have been around me long enough to catch on when to I start fumbling and sneak into the conversation to pick up where I left off. We do it so smoothly now that no one sees me at a loss. Truthfully, it’s so embarrassing and it hurts me deeply to fumble for words. Confide in your partner or friend to help you out in these situations.

Sometimes, you need to prioritize yourself

If you find yourself at a social event and one that you must attend, I suggest knowing your limits ahead of time. If standing or being around a crowd starts to irritate you, have a plan of escape. If you are with someone, have a code word to use to excuse yourself from the party. Do not overextend your physical or mental limits by attending a long event. This will save you from pain later on from being on your feet too long.

Also remember: Just because we get invited to things does not mean we MUST attend it all. Pick and choose what you want to do and learn the key phrase, “NO, I am sorry, I can’t attend”. It’s ok to say “no” and not put yourself first in situations like these. We can’t be everything to everyone and shouldn’t sacrifice our own health to do it.

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