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Crushing It: How To Slay Your Dragon, Part 3

Crushing It: How To Slay Your Dragon, Part 3

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The thing about being a patient with hepatitis C (HCV) is that it really reinforces the word “patient”. In all the treatments I’ve taken, waiting to be approved/denied/appealed, or waiting for results, or waiting for SVR, it’s always been a month’s long process.

Old versus new treatments

The first treatments I took asked for 48 weeks of a patient’s life for a less than 30% chance of success, and a hell of a time. Incivek, the first major DAA, which still required injections, boasted a worse experience with a marginally better chance of 70%. These numbers fail to account for drop-outs like myself, who needed to stop because it could have killed them, compared to new treatments which account for drop outs and have 95%+ success rates.

How I got through it

The strongest personal weapons I employed were patience and knowing when to fight and when to retreat- Pun intended. It’s important to know the difference between retreat and surrender. Retreat isn’t giving up, it’s reorganizing, it’s finding a new strategy, and it’s important to do when the alternative is failure and ultimately death.

The summer of 2017, I was calm, and collected, waiting for my SVR 12, I knew this wasn’t the end of my fight, just a road sign pointing me toward the next part of the path toward the Dragon’s lair. If I hadn’t defeated it, it would be waiting for me. Armed to the teeth with my arsenal of emotional support from friends and family, the sign was clear, I’d passed my SVR 12.

Cause for celebration

A celebration was in order, the odds we’re never more in my favor as I waited for my SVR 24: The sign above the Dragon’s lair, would it welcome my victory over my dragon? Or would the dragon crush me, and push me to legal martyrdom?

It was the second-greatest phone call, I’d ever received. The first being my transplant. It was eighteen years after I was diagnosed with hep C, September 3rd 2017.

Rick Image 1

Needless to say my journey led me to an empty dragon’s lair, there was no gold horded, no jewels, nothing inside, but there was also no dragon and no more chaos from said dragon. Finally, after 31 years with the virus, I am finally free and clear.

Rick Image 2

And, naturally I celebrated such a wonderful new life, in style, with dear friends. Some friends took me to a five star restaurant overlooking the city of San Diego called Mister A’s. Having been driven below the poverty line from hep C driving and ravaging my life, this meant the world to me.

As we sat above the city enjoying the victory and renewed life; it was time to focus on making sure others with hep C could know this feeling of victory. It was time to start crushing it.

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    I too slayed the dragon

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