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The Simple Pleasures

Ah yes, the simple pleasures in life. Simple is a subjective term, as in one person’s idea of simplicity is sure to be different than another’s. For the purpose of this short piece, suffice to say that these are the little things that bring us joy in the course of our day. They are not the big things in life, but what is our life but a long series of moments glued together by the bits in between.

Chronic illness can make like hard

When one is dealing with illness, pain, or generally feeling bad, it is often hard to find these moments in our day to day life. But they are there for the taking, however brief they may be. Pleasure, like simple is subjective and is in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty, as the saying goes.

Sometimes it’s as simple as the laughter of a child or another person that I don’t even know. A random experience like that is, to me, one of the simple pleasures that can bring a smile to my face, and bring on a little shot of endorphins. The feeling of completing a project is another simple pleasure to me, and the task does not need to be great or large in scope or commitment, but the act of seeing something through brings me pleasure.

Finding something good in each day

Now don’t get me wrong, not every moment of every day includes one of these minor but still significant events in my life. Remember my assertion about our lives being a series of moments strung together. And these pieces represent the bits that make it easier for me to face the dull and meaningless parts. This is my story, and we know how the rest of that goes. When we are faced with the ongoing effect of illness, these little moments can make a world of difference, or should I say they did for me and continue to.

In general, we forget these little pleasures as quickly as they come, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a cumulative effect on our frame of mind/moods and ability to cope with pain or the stress of chronic disease like hep C.

Critical to our wellbeing

I believe these simple pleasures, or whatever one chooses to call them, are in fact critical to our wellbeing over time. This does not mean for a second that a few simple moments will cure all that ails us, but they will help along the way.

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