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Signs You Are a Hep C Old Timer.

Signs You Are A Hep C Old Timer

The newer hepatitis C treatments have led the way for so many to be free of the virus. It was not always that way. Some of us Baby Boomers have had hepatitis C for years. We remember what it was like before the new treatment came out. The older drugs were a harsh combination that had such a small percentage of success. Some of us tried it anyway. Others waited until the new drugs became available.

You know you are a hepatitis C old timer when:

  • You remember when it was called non hep A or non hep B
  • There was not test to detect it in your blood stream.
  • You recall when the first tests for hep C came out.
  • The first interferon treatments were considered to be the top notch in helping kill the virus.
  • You made the decision to keep vials of interferon in your refrigerator.
  • The doctor taught you how to stick a needle in your tummy or thigh at home.
  • You gladly gave yourself injection in every week for about a year hoping the virus would die.
  • Planning your life around shot day meant that you couldn’t count on your energy level or health to be consistent.
  • Even with a slight chance of clearing the hepatitis C virus, you still considered it a good shot.
  • You couldn’t wait to see if Steven Tyler would live through his treatment.
  • When he showed up on television, you sat glued to the screen.
  • You cheered when the new protease inhibitors with Ribavirin and Interferon were called the triple cocktail therapy. You jumped up and down when they finally passed with the Food and Drug Administration.
  • You took anti-depressants because the doctor said the old treatments could make you suicidal.
  • You thought the doctor was crazy because you took the treatment to save your life. You were not about to try to take it by committing suicide.
  • You began to read enough about online pharmaceutical companies that you could quote the latest research.
  • When you saw a statistic that showed increased ability to clear the virus, you called your doctor.
  • Warehousing is a word you understand because the doctors actually put people aside to wait until new drugs could be given to treat the hepatitis C virus.
  • Watching blood lab panel numbers go up as liver enzymes increased sent fear down your spine.
  • You wouldn’t take a chance on using a tattoo artist that didn’t have sterile condition for any amount of money.
  • In your opinion, people who share needles need more than a drug fix, they’re in need of mental fix.
  • Any risky behavior is a thing of the past.
  • You count each day that you are hepatitis C free as a new chance to start over.
  • You look back at all that your body has been through and are grateful for the new treatment options available.
  • You sometimes shake your head in disbelief that a cure is finally here for most people. Every genotype is getting a chance to be rid of the hepatitis C virus.
  • You have lived through a wild phase of history that saw thousands of people dying from liver disease and not even knowing why. You’re one of the Old Timers and you’ve made it!

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