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Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, and although that might be an exaggeration, it sure feels that way sometimes. You may have said it too, and chances are good some of you have. Like many of you I have dealt with a range of issues because of hep C and some due to aging or things I inherited from my parents and their parents and so on.

Sometimes It Feels Like We’re Always Sick

Some of the causes of feeling sick may have been self-caused, like smoking for 25 years before I quit 22 years ago, and overindulging in unhealthy activities, and things like bad diet and poor rest at times in my life. I also overworked myself at times because of my personality type, which drove me to stay busy doing things constantly, whether in work or play.

Who knows what part these things played in my feelings of wellness. I am not prepared to dwell on what-ifs that are in the past. What good can come from that? All one can do is do their best to look after themselves now and in the future.

Hepatitis C and treating with interferon and ribavirin certainly played a part in how I feel now, years later. Feeling sick and tired makes it hard to stay positive, and there is a definite connection between attitude and wellness. But, if you feel bad it is a challenge to keep the balance as I have learned from my own experience.

Searching for a Solution

What is the answer? There is no singular answer, at least any one that works for all of us. I think, as I have said before, it depends on the individual. Some people can face the most difficult challenges and maintain an awesome attitude and balance as they overcome the seemingly endless barrage of pain, fatigue or general illness. They manage to stay active and do things they enjoy, whether in their work or play they are able to overcome the sick and tired feeling, at least for much of the time.

Others will struggle with minor difficulties and pain/sick and tired feelings. Personally I fit somewhere in the middle most of the time, and maybe you do too. We are not giving up on feeling well or living our lives to the fullest, but we are beat down at times and just cannot always function well.

Rest is key I think, and activity is just as important. Whether it is exercising our minds or bodies it is a positive thing. There have been countless studies that have looked at the importance of activity, and I am a believer because of my own experience, but there are times when I need to shut down my body and mind to rest.

Take time to do something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be life-changing, just something that gives you pleasure. Laughing as much as possible is helpful to me, and on days when I laugh more, I feel better. I know it is not always easy to laugh when you feel sick and tired, but I hope you can find some time to feel joy and pleasure because a life without them is made more difficult for all of us.

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