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Letting Go of Shame

Walking out of the doctor’s office with that pink slip stating you tested positive for hep C can be the start of a shame we feel we must carry. I know I was feeling like this black cloud followed me. That no matter where I went, I was feeling like a magnifying glass was over me and anyone could see my flaws.

My advice for the newly diagnosed

It took me years to get over my feeling of shame and despair. It took me time to realize I had a disease… I was NOT the disease. Read that again: I had a disease, but I was not the disease.

This is hard to process, if you are newly diagnosed. I respect where you are coming to terms with this diagnosis.  What I am here to help with is this: You are not alone. Millions of people have been right where you are now and are now living a hep-C-free life again.

There is a CURE. The new treatments are not like those used before… These new medications are curing at rates of 98-99%. Most newer medications now take only 8-12 weeks.

Get treated and get cured

You deserve this cure. It does not matter how you might have contracted this.   It does not determine the outcome. You must pick yourself up and see that you are worth fighting for. You are worth seeking this cure and stopping this from destroying your liver.

Hold your head high and do not let anyone make you feel less than. No one knows your story. That is up to you to share. I will say this though; healing comes from opening and sharing your story. Your story could change another person’s life. Helping them understand they, too, are worth a cure.

We ALL deserve the cure… Not without a FIGHT!

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