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Sea Change- C Change

Sea Change is defined as a notable or profound transformation.

My use of C Change is obvious, given what we talk about here.

Has being diagnosed with hep c been a profound transformation for you? I know it was for me, and the prior years of illness had already transformed me in a list of ways – all unpleasant, and being diagnosed was not good news at all, like most people I was not uplifted by the news even though I had been searching for answers to why I was so tired and sick.

The days and months that followed were transformative, and in hindsight some of what happened was good. OK, call me the eternal optimist but the reality as I saw it was that I was going to have a fight on my hands if I wanted to ever get well again.

For me this meant digging deep and finding the strength for the fight of my life. I know it sounds a sounds a bit cliché as this was not a conscious decision on my part and I only came to this realization later.

I suspect that this is entirely normal for someone sick and just diagnosed with hep c. The thing is that it may not be specific to hep c at all. This is a typical response to health challenges like hep c. First there is shock and even disbelief, and in some of us-denial comes into the picture. A combination of all three may have been my own response, and may have been the same for you too.

From there it changed to acceptance and this was the tough part in my experience, and it truly was a transformation and in a profound way.

What helped me to move on through acceptance and into looking for solutions was reaching out to others with lived experience and knowledge. Reading in reliable sources was troublesome because if there was good and safe information it was beyond my grasp at the time. It was the community of people I found who were just like you and me-people who had lived with or had recently been diagnosed with hep c. I know I have spoken about the crucial role of community before but it is because I believe it is such an important piece for us all, as much or as little as we need or want.

The most profound change in my life was realizing that I was not alone, and in that realization I found purpose. The purpose was not just getting rid of hep c, and that was huge, but it grew after that into renewed hope and rediscovered empathy.

Hope was a key factor and remains the same, thanks to others who gave me hope when it was in short supply in my own mind. So as it turns out for me, living with hep c with a cure has been a huge positive transformation, but don’t get me wrong, I would never support having it as part of any self -improvement strategy.

Living free of it from the start is best.

This is my own version of Sea Change, or C change.

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