Scratching That Itch

Scratching That Itch

Scratching that itch that seems to never go away. You know the one that interrupts your daily activities and your sleep.

Itchy and irritated

This has always been a big issue with fighting hep C and end-stage liver disease. Dry skin, that hurts, itches and leaves me scratching profusely to sooth that itch. I have tried so many things to help tame that irritating, annoying symptom of liver disease. My doctor has prescribed creams and ointments all of which worked good in the beginning but then for whatever reason… STOPPED.

If you have had this same symptom, I am sure you have tried anything and everything off the counters at your local drug stores lotion/cream shelf as well.

Finding relief

Just recently, I have found something that is truly amazing. I kind of stumbled upon this while doing some cooking. COCONUT OIL. As crazy as it sounds I was preparing dinner one night and somehow got some all over my hands. Getting busy cooking I just rubbed in my hands quickly to finish doing what it was I was cooking. In doing so, an area of my body that bothers me among many was my forearms. Somehow, I must have rubbed off some of this oil on my arms as well. Time went by and I was not scratching like normal.

I picked up and looked at the jar of coconut oil and proceeded to scoop out a tiny amount into my hands. I then rubbed it on my lower legs. Instant soothing action took place. It was a miracle in the making! I was not having the urge to scratch that area.

A home remedy that works for me

I have since begun buying a jar to cook with and now a jar that I scoop out some, place it in another smaller jar and adding a few drops of essential oil for fragrance (jasmine and lavender are my favorites). To this day, I now use daily as my source of moisturizer and anti-itch serum.  I will say that if you are to try some I recommend the refined labeled jar. Otherwise, from experience here, you will have tiny pieces of coconut in the oil and the flakes will then be on your skin.

This by no means is a cure-all to everyone’s itch, but it was something I found to work great for me.

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