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Where Science Meets People

Big statement I know, and I hope I can address it here in the few words I have.

I am no scientist or medical professional, and just like most of you I was diagnosed with hep c. For some of you it is a new diagnosis while for others, you may have known for decades, but it makes no difference really, except where you are in the continuum of care varies widely.

While some are cured now, and luckily so am I, others are either waiting or hoping to be able to get cured, just like we all do.

No big news in that, and no science involved, aside from some psychology perhaps and I am not downplaying for a second just how living with hep c can affect our psychology.

I will refrain from using a lot of science words and catch-phrases here because they are jargon for the most part, but excuse me if I use a few.

I am no expert. It is not a term I like so much and that may just be a hang-up of mine but oh well I do have some.

I think all of us understand where science meets hep c.

Treatment will be the most obvious place of intersection.

There are other places where science meets people, and to start it is with diagnosis. If there was no way to identify hep c with a test we would not know we have it, and some very talented and brilliant people worked for years to find a way to identify hep c. This was 27 years ago. Before then it was simply “Non A-B” In other words it was not hep A or B. Fascinating eh? They didn’t know what it was but they knew it caused hepatitis, which means inflammation of the liver. There is a whole alphabet of hepatitis’s now.

You have heard of genotyping probably. More science. It is proving to be more and more important but with new therapies to treat with may be made less important because they will treat all genotypes equally as effective. That will be very good because some of the different genotypes have proven more difficult to cure than once believed.

Here comes the biggie – Treatment! Cure!

A really big deal indeed and just in the last few years a reality for many of the people who could access the wonder drugs you may be familiar with.

To me, this may be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in decades even if it has mostly been talked about as too expensive. Somewhere in the tumult this amazing advance has been muffled outside of the community affected, but not us. We know how important it is, even if not perfect it offers great hope for millions.

The fact is that without the science and commitment by the scientific community and those who fund the research, which is often us, we would not have a cure, regardless of price, and access is no small issue, as we all know.

One thing I learned in life was that science is not static, like beliefs they can change. What we may have believed 10 years ago as fact will have changed in many instances and nowhere is this truer than with science. New discoveries and paths of development will continue to come in the years ahead, and ultimately we hope they are of benefit to people, that’s us.

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