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Rise Above The Challenge: Part 2

In my last blog, I shared the fight my mother gave to live a normal life after her kidney transplant. No matter the obstacle, she fought through it to have her dream of being a mother.

After my birth

Several days after my birth, I began what doctors described was a “sleeping sickness”.  I was not waking up for feedings and sleeping 24/7. It was then determined that this was caused by me being addicted to my mother’s anti-rejection medications that she took daily during pregnancy to keep her kidney alive. These harsh medications were prednisone and Imuran. The doctors decided to do a blood transfusion to clean out my blood and get it filtered better. I spent 4 weeks in the hospital after my birth, and my mom was there every moment with me.

My mom’s fight

When I hear the story of the fight my mom gave, not only to stay alive with a transplant but to have kids, it gave me more of a challenge to also strive hard in my daily life to live the best life I can.

When we both were diagnosed with hep C, it was not so much an “Oh my gosh, now what?” thought; Rather, it was an “OK, here we go” one. Not one time did either of us stray from the focus of trying to cure this disease. And when the day came that my mother no longer had that fight any longer, she made sure I understood what was at stake here. Not only did I have to continue my fight for myself, but for her legacy as well.

She did not come and fight this fight for me to give up or in now. Hence our family fight words: “Not without a FIGHT! ~HCV~ ©”

Lessons for the newly diagnosed

I am here today to say that just because you are diagnosed with hep C, it is not the end of your story, you have been given this challenge for a reason- It may be to share your fight and your story with others, like I am. To be the encouraging source to others who need to know they are not alone in this fight.

Your life legacy can also continue on as mine has. Having hep C is no longer that death sentence. Get out there, learn all you can, join support groups, and share your stories.  You never know whose life you will personally touch or save by just speaking up and letting others know the importance of getting tested.

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