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Treatment failure: Sovaldi and Olysio

The Sovaldi and Olysio treatment was unlike any other treatment I’d done before. The amount of cirrhosis made symptom management a priority previous to treatment. In order to renew my position on the transplant list I underwent months of tests. But just like the other treatments, it failed.

I’d gone into the treatment underweight at around 160 lbs. It was a treatment I was very open about. In talking with others I began to understand so much more. I still had yet to fully understand and value humility as I do now, but I was on my way. The treatment was a slice of humble pie, as I was forced into situations I not only had no control over, but in certain cases I was legally incapable of making decisions. I had to rely on my friends and family to be able to make serious decisions quickly.

I would go on a new treatment a few months after Sovaldi failed which would halt my introspection and recovery following the failure of Sovaldi-Olysio. I was so excited and re-invigorated at the potential of a new treatment I’d neglected to properly understand what I’d gone though.

When I zeroed out, everyone was excited and the freedom that I’d felt was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I’d put all of my emotional weight into this treatment, and compounding the excitement with my friends and family was amazing. Equally far would my heart drop when jaundiced and potentially off to get a transplant, I was told the treatment had failed.

Lessons from cascading failures: what I realized after dealing with the failure of the Harvoni treatment was that I’d learned a lot from the failure of Sovaldi. I understood the importance of perspectives, and being more open. The failure was a reminder that I have only a few factors I can impact. The fitness I’d sought so much before, was a reality that I would need to fully adopt.

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