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Three Rx’s and a Third Chance

My third treatment was by far the hardest. A combo of Peg-Interferon, Ribavirin and Incivek worked on my mother after going through transfusion after transfusion.

I took preparation very seriously, adopting a new liver diet and exercise routine with the help of a fantastic nurse friend of mine. I was able to get in incredible shape prior to my treatment, I was determined to succeed.

The treatment required me to eat 10g of fat with each Incivek pill, The treatment would also send me to the hospital vomiting blood profusely. They pumped two units of blood into me and performed and patched me up with an endoscopy. Someone had accidentally told the nurse I had C.Diff, so everyone had to gown up, but no one every asked me. After asking me, my nurse was not as amused by this news as I was. By treatment’s end I’d lost about 10 lbs of muscle and gained 15 lbs of fat.

My friends jokingly sent me a brown paper bag of baby doll parts while in the hospital. To this day, the head creepily sits on my mantle reminding me of my friends and the unexpected trip. I realized how much I needed my friends and family close if I wanted to succeed and not only be cured but move on afterward.

My strategy was getting prepared for treatment, physically, mentally and gathering up lots of disposable toiletries.

Dealing with the aftermath of the failure became more about humility and trusting in my friends and family. Reminding myself that I am neither alone nor I am in this fight alone. I briefly focused on reaffirming relationships and strengthening my bonds. I slowly got back into a physical routine, but the worsening symptoms and a lack of understanding regarding the necessity of managing electrolyte levels put large limits on my mobility.

I learned I had something called a q80k Polymorphism.

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