As we approached 2020, I took a few moments to reflect back on the previous year and really took time to focus on change. What could I do personally in my life, whether, health, body, or mind, that I could set a goal to accomplish? What did I not see fulfilling last year and what can I improve on?

Don't wait until January

I sat and thought really long on this. It was not that my life is perfect, by any means. Lord knows I need help in lots of areas, but I struggled to find that one thing to put my energies on this coming year. You see, when you take time daily or even weekly to reflect your life throughout the year, you tend to fix or change direction midstream. You don’t wait for end of year resolutions to change something in your life.

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Lessons from my own experiences

For example, last year, I struggled badly with my physical health. My gym routine was beginning to subside and I was not going as often as I started doing. This resulted in severe physical pain coming back into my limbs. Insomnia began to creep back in at night and overall, I was fatigued and sluggish. So much so, I thought I was fine and slacked off medication for my hepatic encephalopathy. This turned bad in February, when I was rushed to the hospital. This could have turned out severely bad for me and in turn caused me more problems.

It was then that I realized that resolutions should be daily/weekly/monthly. If we continue to do things to better our health, our mental state and our physical being, we will always be a head of the game.

Taking care of yourself

You don’t have to wait until you are 100lbs overweight to try to do something for your body. Or you find yourself becoming depressed and fatigued. Look for ways to help your body out, especially if you are fighting a health issue such as hep C. We are a team with our body and we should play the game as a team. When a particular part of us is struggling, we need to ramp up the other sectors to help out. We can become a better whole person when the playing field we stand on is looking to help our body. Love yourself and all your body is going through. Give permission for rest and try to exercise, to whatever level you can do.

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