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Hepatitis C, Religion, & Faith

For some of our community members, religion, faith, and spirituality are an important part of life. While some find comfort in the idea of a greater purpose, others rely on their beliefs to deal with life’s challenges. After a difficult diagnosis, however, faith can change. Some share that a health challenge has strengthened their faith, while others struggle with their beliefs during difficult times.

To learn more about the connection between hepatitis C, religion, and faith, we asked some of our advocates, “How has your faith changed since your diagnosis?”. Check-out their responses, or comment below to share your own experiences.

From Connie

“I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My faith was strong prior to being diagnosed, but having hepatitis C has strengthened my faith in a deeper way. Christ has comforted, strengthen, and filled me with peace and hope even through the dark difficult days. I’ve seen how God has worked in extraordinary ways to make the impossible possible through my hepatitis C journey and personal life.”

From Karen

“The whole journey with hepatitis C diagnosis and liver disease shook up my faith. Treatment was a testing time, where I had to trust even more deeply in a power higher than myself. My faith is deeply personal, and has definitely been strengthened because of my health problems with hep C.”

From Kim

“During my fight with hep C, I faced death head on. Seeing and being there with my mom until her last breath in 2006 and then learning in 2010 that I was stage 4, I had to come to terms with my fight. Being too sick to attend church, I began watching Joel Osteen on Tv every Sunday morning. It was my only connection to positive, uplifting sermons and God all in one. I, to this day, still watch every Sunday morning and even got the amazing opportunity to meet Joel in person at his church in Houston, Texas. It was my goal during my fight (and on treatment for hep C) to meet him at his church in Houston. I got to fulfill this dream and met him in person. I shared my story with him and thanked him for being that source of spiritual uplifting I needed during the darkest days of my life. No matter what you are going through in your fight – whether you are starting treatment or finishing up – your mental focus is important. This disease is negative enough; Surround yourself with positive. Lean on whatever you believe in for that support. Trust in the journey that it soon shall pass.”