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Hepatitis C and Relatives

Hepatitis C and Relatives

As if having the virus isn’t enough, hep C brings a bunch of cousins, aunts, and uncles to live with you too. It’s all part of the package. I’ve had just about all of them moving in on me at one time or another. It seems like they are here to stay, so let me offer you so tips on how to take care of the relatives of hepatitis C.

Aunt Insomnia

Just when the warm drowsy feelings of sleep begin to overtake your weary body, she knocks on the door. You don’t really invite her in. She kind of plows her way through the door with so much noise and ruckus that you become wide awake. You can try lying really still, but restless legs and busy mind seem to invite her to do the hullabaloo in the middle of your bed. Read about tips for getting a good night sleep.

Uncle Aches

This guy is just plain ornery. He is more than a pain in the butt. He is a pain in your back, your head, and neck. He pounds you all over ’til you can’t get comfortable. Then because you are protecting your liver, the amounts of pain medication are limited. Not only that, you can’t even take most types of pain pills without a doctor’s approval. So there he is sitting in your favorite chair make himself comfortable – and making YOU uncomfortable.

Cranky Cousins

These are the ones you grew up with. They have known you all your life and can get to you like no one else. They know your weakness and can set up a trap. It may have been fun and games when you were little, but these cousins are kin to hepatitis C. They can cause you to feel frustration. That leads to anger and can even bring along bitterness with it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re just playing when the teasing starts. Kick these cousins to the curb by learning how to slow the anger chain reactions down.

Symptom Sisters

These girls may all dress alike, and they use it to their advantage. What may seem like a little bit of fatigue, can actually be a high viral load or even a low hemoglobin. Once the sisters get in, you better keep your eyes open and let your medical team help you by drawing blood labs. You may need some help from your doctor to kick them out.

Brain Fog Brother

Yep, he’s a slug. He will cause you to feel like one too.The best thing to do is simply ignore him. You have a perfectly good mind. When he tells you to forget about trying, send him to his room. He will feel like dead weight, but you can do it. Otherwise, you will end up napping all day and that can lead to the cranky cousins taking over the house again. Eat well and take hepatic encephalopathy meds.

When hepatitis C and relatives all try to move in on you, remind them that you are in charge. This is your life. They may reappear without an invitation, but you can always tell them to shut up or go to another room. Remember, by getting rid of the hepatitis C virus, you can tell it’s relatives goodbye for good!

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