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Reasons Men Avoid Medical Care for Hepatitis C

You know who you are. You’re the one who lurks around reading about hep C and treatment but doesn’t go to the doctor. There are some people who refuse to get regular medical checks. Many times, they are men. There are a lot of reasons and most of them don’t hold water, if you know what I mean.

Read on while I shoot holes in your excuses.


Men will usually say that the cost of the visit is too high. With today’s medical care system, there is usually a way for everyone to have affordable care. Once you get started, there may be some additional costs. Take the first step and then each step after that. You will never know until you try.


Guys don’t like to use up their day off by going to the doctor. Is there some kind of a sissy putdown that boys used in locker room humor? It’s like every man I know tries to hide a medical visit from other men. Sheesh. Okay, then simply call in and make up another excuse – like your car won’t start. Just go to the doctor and find out for sure what kind of treatment you need.


So you say there is nothing wrong with you. How do you know? If you have had hep C for years, there could be a lot going wrong.  You may have gradually gotten used to feeling poorly. Open your mind to the possibility that your fatigue or achiness can be a signal that something is amiss.


Yes, the doctor will probably ask for a lot of personal information. That is private and covered by the HIPAA act. Besides, No One is going to break in and try to steal information about your health. You can write past history down in the forms. Then it doesn’t even have to be said aloud. Just nod your head yes or no when asked about it.


Oh my. Well, it’s definitely a personal thing, but we can’t turn the lights off to have a doctor visit. They will see your spots, floppy places and wrinkled folds. If you don’t want to be touched there…. feel free to say so…nicely please.

Not That

When they bring in the pointy things or sharp stuff, you can always ask questions. Even better, you can express your feelings about it. See my blog about men’s feelings here.


You don’t have to know everything today. If there are any probes or treatments, there are instructions to go with them. They inform you ahead of time so that you can be prepared, mentally and physically.

If it helps, you can wear a full metal jacket and take an interpreter with you (in case you only speak in swear words) when you finally visit the doctor. If your partner goes with you, pretend the whole thing was YOUR idea. Even if they have begged you for months, a man still has his pride. What do you think the reasons men avoid medical care for hepatitis C are?

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