A panicked, scared, and frustrated man screams into a telephone receiver as he lays on his back in bed with a hand on his leg.

Prescription Delays

Recently, I learned a big lesson on refilling my prescriptions. After several phone calls to my doctor and trips to the pharmacy, I was able to get the medication I needed for my neuropathy. It took me a weekend to get it done and sleepless nights.

Contacting the doctor

I did what I always do in calling in my refills: Soon after I hung up, a message was texted to me that they need to contact my doctor for authorization. You know that message; The one that is annoying, as you know this might take awhile. I went to my medicine cabinet and looked at the bottle of medication and sure enough, no more available refills.

Preparing for the pain

I was nervous as the medication was for my neuropathy. It keeps me from my legs jerking at night and electric shocks shooting from base of head to my toes. This causes me extreme pain and I know the feeling when there is no relief in sight. It was Friday night and I called my doctors office once again. No response. I was getting desperate. Trying to keep my mind preoccupied and not think about it, I tried to not focus on the night ahead of me.

Later that evening, when the pain usually starts, I prepped a hot bath and put blankets in the dryer on high heat so I can wrap the legs and hopefully stop the pain. It worked for about 2 hours and close to midnight, the body began jerking all over and the shocks began shooting down my body to my feet. I laid there in bed, rocking myself in pain.  Let me just say that that night was one of pain like no other. I could not rest and my body was jerking all over all night.

Setting things straight

Next morning, I called the doctor on call and begged him to get something for me to get me through the weekend. After looking into my file, he called me back and told me that my nurse faxed over my new prescription to the pharmacy early on Friday. WHAT? You’ve got to be kidding me. I was now angry. It takes a lot for me to get mad, but this really got me fired up. Still in pain, I hung up from doctor and immediacy called the pharmacy. The tech answered and it took everything in me not to yell at her. I was stern and said that they need to get this figured out. My doctor did fax over the prescription. She interrupted me and said, “Oh, I am sorry, our fax machine is broken.” That was why they didn’t get the orders. UGH! She assured me she would contact my doctor and have one emailed to them. Within 45 minutes, I was picking up my medication and taking some immediately.

Going through this, I now mark my calendar and flag alerts to remind me to check on my prescriptions. I also have my boyfriend helping me remember this as well. Yes, all in all, it was really my error in not getting on this right away and knowing a new prescription would be needed. I now allow time for this kind of stuff to protect my body for unplanned agony like that night.

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