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The Power of Gratitude with Hepatitis C

When dealing with hepatitis C and treatment, we can easily get distracted from seeing anything else. Dealing with hepatitis C, treatment or liver-related conditions, can make a person feel out of control, often focusing on loss instead of gain and victories.

Throughout my long journey with hepatitis C, I learned how beneficial it was to keep an attitude of gratitude. When I experienced feeling bad, I’d ask myself, “What are you focusing on, the current circumstances or getting beyond it?”

I learned, when adversity came rolling in, I didn’t have to go for a ride. Working on being mindful of my self-talk and what I focused on matters. Focusing on something positive each day makes a difference in how your day goes no matter what your body is feeling.

Benefits of gratitude

  • Choosing to highlight the good things in your day help enrich your life and bring joy.
  • Shifting your focus from “I can’t” to “I can” helps you to see many victories in each day.
  • A gratitude mindset helps you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and makes an impact on how you feel physically.
  • A spirit of gratitude helps lift you up and profoundly effects your mood, promoting a sense of peace and calmness we all need when dealing with chronic conditions.

Keeping a gratitude journal

I kept a gratitude journal during my treatment. Because I rely on my faith, I wanted to start my gratitude journal each day with a scripture from the Bible that helped me to keep my focus on God and the hope because of him.

Every day I wrote down 10 things I was thankful for each day. Each day writing something different. I purposefully looked for all that was good in my day and how grateful I was for them.

Look for the good in your day and in others and you’ll find it. Gratitude helps fuel us to move forward in taking better care of ourselves and enriches our relationships with others in the process. It helps make dealing with hepatitis C, treatment and recovery even better too.

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