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Picking up the Pieces After Battling Hep C

Picking up the pieces after battling hepatitis C can leave many unsure of the future still. I know for myself, I was so happy I was cured. I think I had this high expectation that I would walk out of my clinical trial nurses office that last day and be skipping home. But reality was as the days passed, I began to feel worse and worse. I remember calling my trial nurse in tears, telling her I know the hep C was back. All the symptoms I had prior to treating were back full force. The fatigue, the muscle and joint pain, nausea, and insomnia were beyond anything I had experienced.

My fear of hep C coming back

While on the phone she ordered some blood tests and asked that I come in a couple weeks early so they can see what was happening.  That was the longest week before my appointment, it was grueling. I would be laying down at night and I felt as if I could “feel” the little hep C guys traveling throughout my body. I swore up and down by the way I felt “IT WAS BACK”. Your mind is powerful and can “feel” things that are not there.

I got the test result call from my trial nurse stating that “Kim, you’re UNDETECTED”.

Breathing a sigh of relief

What? Really?  Are you sure?  She reassured me the test was correct. I was so confused, why then was I feeling so far worst than prior to treatment? I couldn’t wrap my head around that.

It was explained to me that after treatment my body is adjusting to the new “normal” that all the cells in my body have to become their own again,(in an easy way to explain it.) Also, to expect that the medication that was used to kill the hepatitis c virus can stay in our bodies for quite a while causing you to feel sick and tired.

Getting used to your new normal

How then does one pick up and move on then after treatment? If you are still not feeling well and not ready to resume life activities?

The answer to that is simple, be kind to yourself, you just fought the fight of all fights.  You faced the dragon, (term used within the hep C community) your body is going to need some tender care and self-love and pampering to regain the strength back after this battle.

Looking back, my recovery really took me about a full year. Keep in mind, my older regimen of treatment was 48 weeks.  Meaning mine was in my system a lot longer than the new treatment regimens. With that said, do not compare your progress to another. Your body is unique and although the treatment is the same we all bounce back at various times. Take things slow and do not beat yourself up for needing extra time to recover. After all you now have the REST of your life to look forward to.

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