Two cats and a dachshund peer over the side of a bathtub into a bubble bath.

Pets Can Offer Comfort

Having gone through so many health crises since 2005 (when I was first diagnosed with hep C), I can say looking back that my pets were my tender comforts. In my early days, I had my cats that comforted me and now my dachshunds Daisy and Duke are my fur babies

Pets know when you're hurting

I could be having the worst day ever with pain, fatigue, side effects from treatment, whatever, and each one of them without being told would climb up to me and either lie next to me or give me those special kisses that only our fur babies can. They would know and sense my pain, my worry, my sadness, and my fear. It was like they knew I needed love and tenderness.

I would wrap my legs up in warm blankets to soothe the pain from neuropathy and no sooner they would be right on my lap. I am not telling everyone to go out and get a pet, but for those who have one, you understand exactly what I am saying here.  It truly gives you a no-strings-attached type of love. They give you unconditional love and understanding with no words needed.

Pets help you through tough times

It is my little dog’s favorite thing is to bolt in on me when I am in the bath.  It is like they know my legs are in pain.   They sit patiently waiting for me to exit and are right on my heals to lie near me. They have shared every tear I have had.  They have seen me yell at the world in fear, be up all night with insomnia, and yet still are by my side - Never faulting in being my companion support.

I giggle because now I take as many naps as they do in a day. We are all on a time schedule and once I start heading down the hall, they know its bed time. Who is your fur baby? Do they give you that love and support like mine have?

How does your pet help you cope with hep C?

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