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Personal Hygiene and Hep C

Hep C, as we know, is a disease contracted through blood to blood contact. You cannot get it from sharing hugs, kisses, or holding hands. You also can not get from sharing a cup, a utensil or a bite of food.

I will share however some really important key facts and, if you have hep C or know someone who does, this will be something to make note of. After learning I had hep C and my children did not, I had to learn al the important facts that could put my family in harms way if contracting it from me

Simple Precautions Go a Long Way

When you think of blood, think of all the things you may use in your home that could cause yourself to bleed.

  • Brushing teeth – sometimes we get our gums bleeding by brushing too hard. Leaving our toothbrushes exposed.
  • Shaving – with a razor we have all nicked ourselves at one point. Also leaving our razors/shavers exposed.
  • Earrings/piercings – that have caused ourselves to bleed. There are times my ears can become irritated and infected causing myself to bleed. You need to sterilize if this happens.
  • Nail clippers or Scissors- I don’t do it often but there are times I cut myself by accident.  Either the cuticle or by cutting my nails too short.

These items are all such things that you must have separately from your household.  Keep them in a safe place that only you can use.

If someone was to get ahold of any of these objects and cut themselves causing bleeding, this could put them in harm’s way, possibly being infected with hep C. Also, you’ll need to be aware that if you bleed and get it on a surface area and do not properly clean it up with a bleach product. Bleach is a sure thing that will sanitize and KILL all hep C germs off surfaces. Let’s say, you did a quick wipe up of the blood NOT using a bleach product, hep C can live on the surface of objects for up to 3 WEEKS.

YES….3 WEEKS – shocking I am sure. That is why it is so very important to know all the facts about hep C, its transmission and the safety precautions needed to be done.

I store a variety of bleach products still to this day in my home.  I don’t know if I was just branded and habit in my head to clean this good or what but I continue to do this.  I like the clean smell of knowing germs in my home are washed away. Blood on tissues etc I immediately throw away and remove from the house to garbage. I do not take any risks of anyone including pets getting into that.

Best Practices for Prevting Transmission

RECAP: No sharing of toothbrushes, shavers/razors, or any other personal utensils that could come in contact with your blood. Use bleach products to ensure the hep C germs are destroyed.

It is very good practice as well if you have started TREATING your hep C that you change out these products frequently during treatment. You do not want to potentially re-infect yourself by using the same items that could re-infect you…change out immediately.

Share with others all you are learning. Education is key to eliminating this disease.

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