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How We Perceive Health Issues

How we perceive our health issues can stem from taught responses growing up, like witnessing a family member or friend. For example, growing up with a mom who was in and out of hospitals and what seemed like constant doctor's appointments, I grew up being more cautious and more sensitive about my health. And, my mom had also had a kidney transplant. So, when I too, along with my mom, was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2005, I was ready to get busy on learning about it. Bad news back then... NOT MUCH information was out there on it. I wanted to know what on earth exactly was this, what it was causing in my body, and how I could get rid of it.

Everyone copes differently with health issues

My husband, on the other hand, did not grow up with any family members who were sick or had any sort of serious health issues. He is not one to immediately go to work, figuring out the ins and outs of the health issue. He is not quick to react and be proactive. I have witnessed with him that there is a sort of delay in response, meaning he is processing all in his mind first then after time starts to react. He does not feel the pressure or the need to react immediately.

There is no right or wrong way to react

With all this said, there is NO RIGHT or WRONG way one should or should not act regarding a serious health diagnosis. We must remember when a family member is diagnosed with such illness/disease/disorder, they will need to process and deal with in their own minds first. We can be there to support and encourage, but we must allow them in their own time to process what was given to them. In the meantime, do your own reading up on the health issue such as hep C. When time is right, talk about it with them. Share what you have learned but never pressure. Wait for them to be ready to come out.

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