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The People We Meet

It is amazing to reflect on all the people I am lucky enough to meet in my work. Brilliant, kind, and interesting would be some of the adjectives I would use. Today alone, I met a doctor from Syria, a medical student from Brazil, a hotel staffer from Brazil, and many more.
That was just today, and there was yesterday and all the days before that, of course.
OK, so maybe I meet a lot of people from all sorts of places because of my work, but the thing is that people travel more now, and we can meet the most interesting and different people, even when we don’t travel much ourselves.

Our global community

I understand that if a person lives in an isolated or very rural setting, the likelihood of meeting international travelers is diminished greatly. Most people live in cities now, or near them at least, and if you do, depending on you and your openness level to meeting new people. I get it, some of us are more private than others, and some of us have no real interest in meeting different people with different life experience. For me, I have always enjoyed hearing about what life is like for others.

We are different, but also the same

Whether in another state, province, territory, or country, it can eye-opening and educational to hear about how life is in other places. This is especially relevant in my work in hep C advocacy, education, awareness. Hearing first-hand the real-world experiences of others can help to better guide my own activities. The truth is, at least to me, that we humans really are not so different all over the globe. Sure, we have different languages – some of us – and different cultures, and you can even find that within the borders of your own country. In my experience, the core values and aspirations vary slightly in that we all want to have security of housing, food, and a better future for our children and grandchildren. How we achieve these things varies a lot. Our opportunities vary dramatically from one area to the next, and these things serve to form context, and affect views on how we can achieve our goals, however complex or simple.

I may be getting a little esoteric, as I can at times, but the meeting of other people and challenging our own views is an activity that helps us grow and develop. Views, ideals, and models, all change in time, and it is within this context that I try to seek out different views from others. If we become static in one place or specific view, it becomes more difficult to see the big picture.

It has been great meeting you here today, and thanks for taking the time to listen!

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