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Pampering yourself (For Men)

Yes I am a man. Not a macho man, just a man.

I hope at least a few men will read this. You may even get a chuckle or two.

I don’t mean to leave the women out and without question some of these hints may well cross over regardless of gender.

There are a lot of things that are clearly aimed at the women in our hep c community but I thought I might dive into the male side of things.

Firstly, men tend to ignore things like their health and let’s face it we are not big complainers unless we have a cold or flu.

We are far less likely to go to the Dr. and we certainly are underrepresented in groups online aimed at support.

We don’t need any help or support because after all we are men… that’s what we are taught almost from day one. It is a form of weakness and it is not manly to discuss our problems whatever they are. Nonsense I say.

This may be a more generational thing, but in my experience it is still alive and well in the psyche of men young and old.

I know that many of the women out there will agree about how we don’t talk about things, and it has been a complaint about us for a very long time. Some of you find it charming while some find it a pain in the backside. Either way we can’t ignore it’s existence.

OK men, own up to it, we are not the same as women…D’uh! I know, we are all different and stereotypes don’t always work but here are some ideas for the men.

Try playing a game you like, if you can get off the couch and let go of the remote locked on your favorite sports channel or car shows. Yes, playing something yourself-getting outside for some air, maybe a walk or run or trip to the local electronics store or pool hall.

The bar may not be the best choice if you have hep c, and the reasons are obvious, but if you have friends there and you can avoid drinking alcohol then why not, maybe they have a giant TV screen!

If you like fishing, well why not go fishing. It can be relaxing and doesn’t cost much if you are in a place where you can fish off the shore or a pier.

Now if none of these things are appealing I am sure you can think of something that is, and if you are well enough to get out and do something, get on it guys!

Who knows, maybe you would enjoy joining a peer support group in your community – a place where you can meet others like yourself. I know that it isn’t for everyone but who knows, you might just enjoy it and find it helpful.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your own issues, nobody is going to think any less of you as a man, trust me. If they do, that is their issue.

Good luck Men!

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