Be OK to Pass on Events

Even today, 4 years post-curing my hep C, I am fighting fatigue and muscle & joint pain daily. Sure, I was one of those who had this notion that once I was cured, my life would bounce back to being normal. Sadly, I learned like many other out there that with the damage to our livers caused by hep C, we are still living a daily fight.

Holiday pressures

This past year, Thanksgiving came and I was so excited to spend time with my kids and love. I tend to push myself past pain and personal discomfort to be as normal as I can around those closest to me. My kids and boyfriend have learned the cues that I am struggling, because they become the voice I need during a struggle moment.

We got invited to participate in a few other gatherings that day and with the blessings of my family, I was able to speak up and say, “I am really not doing good and would rather just spend quality time with you guys only”. With that said, it was a done deal. No questions asked; They responded to the people inviting us over by asking for a rain check, please. Nothing more needed to be said, I did not have to become embarrassed nor must I explain my situation.

Your support system

It is good to get a few people close to you in your corner who know you need down time, who will understand and not hold it against you for not staying up the pace with others. It's important to be able to communicate to them your pain and discomfort. Have signals if you are at an event and you are ready to exit. This saves on your physical pain and mental focus.

I have had a hard road traveled with learning to say I can't do it all. It is ok to say, "No, I am sorry. I can’t attend this time." Only you know your limits, but get a few others to help support you at these times.

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