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And the OSCAR goes to…

And the Oscar goes to… When fighting an illness or health issue such as hepatitis C people often experience what I like to call “Acting 101”. How many times are you out and about in your day and you see people you know and the first words spoken are “How are you?”

Pretending to be fine

As a natural response, we all tend to reply “Good”, “Doing good” or “Fine”. But, while we’re giving those exact responses, what is your body saying? I know mine is yelling from the depths of my insides “I am in so much pain, my legs hurt, my body aches, my brain is foggy, I am tired, and the list continues”. 

But we do not share this. Why is that? I know for myself, it is just easier to reply that I am doing good rather than having to go into detail about why I am hurting and not feeling well. And quite frankly, I don’t think people have the time for me to list all of the things that I have going on, not in passing anyway.

Paying the part of a skilled actor

Each time I am asked how I am, I give my typical response. I smile, give a little giggle and say “I am doing good”. I have learned to put on the biggest front on and play the part of a skilled actor. Only for me, I am not up for any Oscars or other acting awards. I am merely trying to get through my day, one step at a time.

This goes for most of you reading this. We don’t want to come across as whining or complainers so we FAKE it. We get out our happy, healthy mask and begin ‘scene one, take one’ and so on.

Finding necessary support

I have learned (since I have been doing this for so long) that, most of the time, I begin to believe what I am putting out for those in passing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have my very close inner circle of people I trust and people I know love and truly care about exactly how I feel. Those are the fortunate or should I say the unfortunate souls that get to hear all about it.

We don’t have to share everything we are dealing with. But I do recommend having those trust few that you can be and get real with.  Fighting hep C takes its toll and it is good to let it all out from time to time.

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