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NO is NOT Your Final Ticket

DO not let “NO” be your final ticket to treatment. Finding the “ins” and “outs” about hepatitis C treatment protocol has been my mission. I have been a full-on advocate for those fighting hepatitis C for over 4 years now. I personally have fought the very same battle you as those who are reading this have. I have come to understand a few tricks that might be helpful when fighting for your CURE.  By no means are they a sure ticket, but might be very helpful to know it has worked for several patients I do know that have tried it.

Fighting for Treatment Approval

With many insurance companies denying patients or saying patients are not “qualifying” for treatment, the “GAME” as I call it seems to never end.

I had a woman contact my foundation for help and suggestions about how to be “approved” for treatment.  She had been denied twice and was losing any hope she had about curing her hepatitis C. We talked for over an hour and I explained the necessity of what she and her team of doctors and nurses must do in order to force the game to continue with insurance companies. (Again, from witnessing what several had to do) 

First, you need to be open and forceful about wanting treatment and care for curing your hep C. You need your medical team to be just as headstrong. Insurance companies play these crazy games hoping you will lose your hope and push off treatment. Their mindset is such that if they can get you, your medical team to back off they are putting odds that the next year you will have a different insurance company and then the burden to treat will be on them. This is a sick game being played and I have seen this over and over again.  All at the expense of a human life.

Be Persistent

Here is what I shared with this woman, after you get a denial letter, immediately reply with another request to treat. This is done through your doctor’s office and it is why it is so important that they too engage in this game. Include your letter about what this would mean to you. Of course, it is everything but to a person behind a desk reading it, you need it powerful.

This back and forth action for this patient ended up being a total of 4 times. With her doctor pleading her case each and every time. On the 4th try of submitting her request for treatment, an approval was granted.  With no explanation as to why now, nothing. Just a simple – “Treatment will begin on…”

This is a sick and so very wrong game played with personal health insurance companies. I wish I had the reasoning behind this but the closest I have come is meeting with a person from the adjuster’s office of a large insurance company. They said it is a time game. No company wants this huge burden on their backs. With the way health insurance is these days, it can literally change yearly. That is what they are betting on.

Do Not Give Up After an Insurance Denial

If you are going through this…DO NOT give up. DO NOT give in to “NO”. (DENIED). You gather your strength up and if you need help writing your plea, get a family or friend to help you. Get a good team of doctors and their staff willing to help you fi a ht this.  Without it, you become just another RED stamped letter filed in a cabinet. Get your name out there, get in their heads, and keep your health file on their desk. Eventually, if odds are in our favor, you too can gain access to treatment.

There are also many organizations out there now willing to also help you get treatment if you do not have insurance. Bottom line…  DO NOT STOP fighting.

“Not without a FIGHT!~HCV~(c)”

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