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The Next Big Thing is…

The next big thing is a titillating title and I apologize for the grandiose tone, but I had to speak to the issue again of what’s next in hepatitis c and not necessarily about the next big drug.

As I see it, it depends on your place in the care continuum, whether you are cured or waiting to access treatment or… what is your perspective on what would be the next big thing in your life as it relates to hepatitis c.

If you were just diagnosed with HCV maybe you are still in shock about the news.

You may be doing what a lot of us have done before, and that is trying to learn just what it means and how you can get rid of it.

Now there are any numbers of possible avenues we have available depending on several factors I will not address here and now.

Please know and remember that you are not alone in your shock or fears about a hep c diagnosis. I felt it too. Lots of people have felt the same.

I am not suggesting that misery loves company as a way of downplaying the impact or seriousness of this news.

The facts are that nearly all people can be cured of hep c with new treatments, which is something I remain very excited about.

This is a big thing isn’t it!

If you are further down the path you may see the next big thing as access to treatment. This can be very discouraging for some, as you may have already discovered yourself. The sad reality is that although there is lots of evidence that treating people earlier has great benefits, the “payers” have decided in their infinite wisdom to ration access to curative drugs as we now have.

This is crazy to me and lots of others who work in helping people navigate hep c.

It is madness that we have a cure but say that people must be really sick before we “allow” access to these drugs.

We hear things like “they are too expensive” and they will “bankrupt” payers and healthcare delivery services.
Whether you think the manufacturers are too greedy or not, this is an unacceptable situation.

The facts are clear that the cost of not treating people is a far greater cost over time than not treating. This does not begin to speak to the human cost in quality and duration of life.

If you are cured now the next big thing is simple for some and not so for others who have more advanced disease of the liver or other issues caused by living with hep c for years. Treatments are relatively easier for people now compared to the older therapy but in some cases it can be difficult. Generally much shorter and easier to tolerate therapy is out there.

Some people I talk to are speaking about not feeling very good after treatment, but most issues do appear to resolve in time as long as they don’t have advanced disease.

Feeling well and enjoying our life again is why we wanted to be cured, at its core. This is what most experience, and this is singularly one of the most amazing things I see now like never before.

This is why the next big thing depends on our perspective-where we are in the journey as we say. I hope that you will secure the care and access to treatment that we all deserve, and are able to thrive again, not just survive HCV.

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