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A New Year, A New Vision of Hope

A new year, a new vision of hope and a new set of goals to be set. After being diagnosed with hep C in 2005, it was extremely difficult to fathom of anything to do in the future tense. It was as though I could no longer envision myself growing older or living life past that current day.

Dreaming of a Healthy Future

Everything I did on a daily basis was surrounded by hep C tied to it. It was on my mind 24/7.  At that time my thinking was not positive either.  Holidays would come and New Year after New Year that ball dropped from Times Square. Nothing seemed to phase my wanting to dream of a future or wish for anything other than a CURE. After learning all I could about what was then the only treatment, interferon, I was fully aware that the chances of beating this disease were only 50/50.  Granted, the odds were even and thankfully not stacked the other direction. However, witnessing my mother suffer to the end fighting hep C this sent my head spinning.

Fast forward only 4 YEARS…YES, 4 years ago the only treatment was with interferon. Today we have incredible advances thanks to numerous clinical trials and the passing of these new treatments through the FDA. These new treatments are curing around 98%. That leaves only a ~2% margin to fail these treatments. Those odds, if any of us were playing and betting in Vegas, would be paying off big time.

Thinking of those odds today, one should now gather those “death” or “end of life” thoughts and toss them out the back door. Hepatitis C no longer has the black flag tied to it.  It is waving rather that checkered flag of winning.

New Year, New Opportunities

With the NEW YEAR here now and all the amazing opportunities to cure this disease, take time to raise that non-alcoholic drink and set that goal to be cured this year. Set your mind to do everything in your power to win and beat this disease. Start thinking about what your life would mean being free of hepatitis C. The time is now to stand up, be a voice to others whom may not be aware of what hep c is. Help lead others to be tested. For until we all start preaching the importance will we get everyone who is at risk tested, treated and CURED.

May the new year bring GOOD health, CURES to all, peace, and love.

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