A New Year

As many of us often do, we take the turn of year as an opportunity to look back on the past year, or more importantly, look forward to the year ahead. The truth is as we all know, our lives are not defined by months or calendars, unless we choose to of course. I will take a leap in suggesting that most of us don’t see our lives as being measured in days, weeks, or months and years. But, nonetheless, at the beginning of a new year, we often reflect and look forward.

The dangers of dwelling on past pain

The looking back part can be just as good or bad as we choose, and reliving a pain-filled past is never helpful for most of us. Pain is not only measured by our physical pain. In my own life, in the past year, I have lost many -too many- friends. I have also experienced another battle with my physical health that included some severe pain and struggle. I am not seeking sympathy or any pity, and I am not dwelling on the difficulties of this past year. I am not denying the past, just choosing not to spend my days thinking about the hard days and weeks now part of history.

The power of positivity

There are things we can all look back on as positive, even though they sometimes get lost in the day-to-day battles. Just simply choosing to "be positive" never really worked for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you. If it does work out for you, I say kudos to you.
Often the goodness and levity, and collective moments when we feel good are few, but it's something worth recognizing and celebrating in the moment. Stringing a whole series of moments together that lasts for a day or longer is simply downright amazing, and really something to celebrate.

Living in our past is not healthy, is it? Those moments are gone for good. It does not mean we forget those people who have passed or moved on in our life, or the memories we have of a time we enjoyed with them, a song we like, the kindness of others, or any other moment in time that brings a smile to our face. These are good memories from our past.

Finding hope

Looking forward can be exciting and can give us hope. Hope is what the future hold for us all, no matter what the past held, recent or ancient. Making plans, setting goals, or any positive forward-looking is what hope is to me. Not giving up on what can be, and how much better tomorrow and the days beyond can be is hope.

I hope we all have a better year ahead. For those that recall a great year past, I hope that this continues for you. Who can predict the future? None of us, but if we have hope we have a chance for the best future, what we all want.

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