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Celebrating Success – New Treatments for Hepatitis C

Whatever your goal is, it is always a great feeling to achieve it; Just to see it is within our grasp is up-lifting. In the context of hep C, it can mean a whole laundry list of things, with the baseline of your journey after the initial shock or fear in diagnosis moving to care and treatment access. The next step is typically treating, and with treatments available now that are highly curative; The majority of people experience few side effects, and that is one huge success.

The journey isn’t always easy

It is not necessarily an easy road to success, but it is a subjective measure we all make, and sometimes, it is quite frustrating as some of us have experienced a battle or two along the way. Some of those battles were small while some were your greatest challenges ever. Sometimes the successes were not as evident in the moment but did help to incrementally move the dial in the right direction. The success of others on behalf of us personally, or more broadly – the community of people affected.

Celebrating new treatments

As individuals, and as a community, we have had some success overall and it feels great! The development of new treatments is huge for one, and one can never understate the grandness of this development. It is very rare for there to be the medical breakthrough that hep C has seen in the last few years. Personally, for those of us who are now cured of hep C, we think it is amazing, and despite any other issues we may still face because of damage caused by the virus, we are glad to be rid of hep C! I sure am, and I see it as a huge success.

The battles we’re still fighting

There are still some battles ahead, and they mostly apply to the vast number of people yet to be diagnosed and linked to care. You may have some battles of your own, as we know that not everyone faces an easy time even with a cure. Just imagine if you were one of the people still undiagnosed, who number in the millions according to the data. Some may be experiencing symptoms and sadly, some will have gone on to die with never knowing that they were being attacked by the virus. There is also a huge number of people who have been diagnosed but lost to any care since their diagnosis. This has occurred for a range of reasons, and some are simple while others are complex and reflect poorly on where they live and, in some places, the social attitudes about hep C.

With stigma still causing so much pain and feeding denials to care, our success in tackling this discrimination remains an important goal for all. We have had some success in this area, but it is still here and needs our collective attention, when able. We can have a key role in making the elimination of hep C a reality, if we keep challenging these barriers, we will have success for all, and that will feel great for all!

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