Coping During Treatment: Forgetting Negative Stress

Dealing with a difficult person and having to do it when you don’t feel well. Many of us have had to find a way to handle situations like this.

Treatment and negativity

I know when I was on my first round of treatment of interferon and ribavirin I was very very sick. I could barely function. I had a family member that would love to instigate issues and try to pick a fight with me. Whether the phone call would become brass or this person show up at my shop to talk, it was really never a good time for me. Although I have always had a hard time with this person in my life, it seems to heighten for me during treatment. I was not in any sort of condition to carry on a lengthy discussion or heated debate. Quite frankly I just wanted to lay down and rest. I had no time for this nonsense, and the arguments and heated debates would trigger the "riba rage" in me. Something I fought hard to manage anyway.

We might be more able to deal and maneuver through difficult situations when we are healthier and not sick with fighting hepatitis C. And all its issues pertaining to this the last thing on your plate is a difficult unruly person to deal with.

If you are faced with this sort of thing, I suggest you do everything in your power to remove yourself from toxic conflicts while trying to heal and beat hepatitis C. Any unneeded stress you go through is not healthy for you or your liver as it reacts adversely to stress.

Separation can be a good thing during treatment

It is ok to block calls, lock your door, and avoid these situations at all costs. Sure, you may need to explain such changes in your life. That can be done politely by saying you are dealing with a very serious health issue right now and need to focus on that. You would also say you appreciate their understanding on this matter as well.

Then close off the negativity and regain peace and tranquility by shutting this part of your life off. Focus on your fight and surround yourself with positive influences.

Give your self-permission to close out that which will only cause your health more harm.

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