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It’s My Life To Live

It’s My Life To Live

When I write, I draw inspiration from my everyday life, this is no exception. This time, it was something someone said to me in reference to others passing judgement. It was not meant to be directed at me, but it still led me to think about what they meant. I think the message was about how other people’s expectations were getting in the way of their day-to day-living. Yes. I agree, it is our own life to live, with all its wonder and its unique set of successes, disappointments, anger, etc. But, do we live in a vacuum, where our actions do not affect others- no.

“No man is an island”

The old saying “no man is an island” fits in this narrative. None of us are so irrelevant or meaningless as to not affect others in some way. How much or how little is always open to some level of debate, I suppose. Furthermore, we are not always aware of just how much our actions or activities affect others, unless people tell us. People are not always candid, but that can be for good reasons.

How our actions affect others

I suspect there are some of us who would rather be left alone on our desire to be un-challenged or not responsible to others. Nobody likes to be under the microscope, or at least most of us don’t really care for that. The truth is that we don’t want that kind of scrutiny, but we do affect others who care about us, or those we have agreed to be responsible to in any real or important way.

We all want privacy in our lives, even in an age where we often expose our every thought to strangers in social media platforms. The fact is that unless you do live in an isolated place like an island where nobody else lives or visits, you are affecting those around you in some ways. In the end, I hope that we all want to make others we care about feel wanted or cared for.

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