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Moving On

These are two words with a different meaning for different folks. In the context of hep C, it has the meaning that we are diagnosed, treated, cured, and now moving on with our lives with the knowledge that we are hep C-free. In my view most people do this after they are cured, and who can argue with that. It depends on a lot of things just how able we are to move on and leave our connection to hep C in the past.

After a Cure, Many Want to Move On from Hep C

For some of us, we just want to be done with it all. Closing out that chapter in our lives and not wanting to relive any part of it. I get it – it is an experience that can be filled with difficulty, pain, and suffering. Moving on and not dwelling on the past can be a way of healing, for some. It can also be a way of avoiding uncomfortable feelings and this can be positive and can also be a way of delaying any closure, whatever that is. You may wonder what trauma I am talking about, and some people would not think of their experience as being traumatic. It depends on how we process our life experiences as much as our pasts differ. People are wired to confront difficulty in different ways. For some, it is just another obstacle that they can overcome – moving on to the next challenge in a pragmatic way as if it is all in a day’s work and no big deal.

We are not all able to deal with things in this way, and no amount of positive thinking lessons or platitudes will rewire us into that person we aren’t. It is just not that simple. There are many causes and they are complex. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in for staying as positive about the future as we can, but will it change who we are based on DNA and lived experiences in life; not on its own.

I am no defeatist and nor am I suggesting that we cannot change patterns in how we think and feel because I believe we can, over time and with the support and help required. I believe in the capacity that is within us all to affect change in a positive way. We can do things that have a direct relationship to our long-term outcomes.

Community Connects Us

Attitude plays a part in wellness and feelings of well-being, and if you can maintain a good attitude in life there is no doubt in my mind you are more likely to move on after conquering whatever challenge you face with hep C. For the rest of us, we may have to keep on fighting challenges both directly and indirectly related to our hep c experience. You may have found a home in the community of people who have lived with hep C. Although you have moved on from the disease part of hep C, you find the community a place you feel comfortable in. There is a place for us all, inside and outside and all around. We are made up of our life experiences just as much as our DNA, or in the case of hep C, our RNA, present or undetectable.

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