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Mixed Messages

When we so often hear mixed messages, what is the most important issue to consider, and are we prepared to set our priorities to it? Now, I have to admit that this may be the most absurd thing I have written in recent memory, but maybe not. I have written some crazy things in my attempt to provoke discussion, thought, and consideration. For me, what is the most important thing is subjective, and changes from day to day or week to week, etc.

When dealing with most issues, I ask myself:

What is your goal at the moment or over time has it changed?
Is it reasonable to attain?
Do you have a plan?

Making decisions about hepatitis C

I know that most people who are recently diagnosed with hep C want to be treated. For more, if they are aware that hep C is curable, they want to be cured. Who can argue with that, right?

Are you feeling sick, or are you one of the majority of people who have few, if any, symptoms? We are not all so lucky; I was one of the people who did feel sick, for years. Did I have a goal, you bet I did, and I wanted to be rid of hepatitis C- “the dragon”, as we called it.

Was there anything more important to me than beating hep C? Well, no, not really. The thing is that back then, the cure rates were hovering around 45%, unlike today, where they are around 99%- which is amazing, really!

Enough about me, what about you and your goals?! If you are starting or undergoing treatment, I suspect you feel the same way I did. If you are cured now, you probably felt the same way I felt too!

Saying “yes!” to treatment

For many, you said “yes” to doing something about your hep C. There still may be a few holdouts who may never say yes to treatment out of fear or some other reason that is entirely up to them. I will never counsel someone by saying “you must” (or argue with anyone about their own choice), and I am not about to start now. It’s your choice, and you can say no to a lot of things that relate to your health. Informed is a good place to start from whenever considering something as big as treatment, and unless you read only negative comments or reports, you will find that most have positive things to say about being free of hep C.

It’s your choice

I am not trying to sell you on anything at all, unless in suggesting you get informed is confused selling something. I am not selling false hope, nor am I a shareholder in any drug company. Whether brand name or generic, that is between you and your treating physician. The thing is that we have choice (or at least we sure should have the choice). Access may still be harder than it should in some places, but we are making strides in that area as the competition heats up.

Do not be afraid to make the choice, and as I have written here and before, it is my hope that you do your research (as much or little as you need) to make an informed decision that works for you.

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