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Stop Comparing: The Dangers of Misinformation with Hep C

Stop comparing yourself with others fighting hep C. This is critical in your fight and your journey. Sure, we can see what others are feeling and have similar feelings – such as muscle and joint pain, and fatigue. These are all common symptoms and ones we can all relate to.

As a disclaimer, I just want to say that hepatitis C CAN cause long term effects… it can affect the whole body! You can read more about these effects here. However, I also think it’s important to share that misinformation can lead to fear, so I want to address that today.

Hep C & other health conditions

Many of us are battling multiple health conditions. However, when it comes to other situations such as heart, kidney, lungs etc, just because you read that a person has issues does not mean hep C caused them.  We are all unique in our health situations. Many of us had other health battles prior to being diagnosed with hep c. In fact, our other health issues might have been reason we were even tested for hep C to begin with.

But, not everyone will develop complications

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to seek out others with similar symptoms, but don’t think that just because someone developed diabetes that you will too; Same for heart murmurs. Some people are known hypochondriacs: Those that over-sensitize their medical conditions and put themselves in every scenario known to medical field.  This causes unnecessary stress for yourself and your liver. It is good to be informed, but do not place yourself within each persons symptoms.

You will come across those people, especially if you are on social media groups for hep C, that put their whole medical history out there. Some blame hep C for every issue they are feeling. In reality, hep C does cause many, many symptoms, but we can’t blame hep C for everything.

Don’t believe everything you hear

Be informed, and be educated with reputable information about hep C. Do not believe all you hear. Until you can be educated in a specific topic or condition, ask your doctor if hep C causes this or that… Do not believe everything off hand.

Those of us that advocate sometimes come across posts that are surprising, even outrageous. I do not call out people making these claims, but I do get involved in the conversation and try my best to redirect with accurate information. As I have always stated, I am no medical doctor or have any degree in the medical field, but I am a patient and an advocate that has lots of medical professionals for my resources. Meaning, If I come across something I can’t answer, I seek out their professional thoughts and direction so I can better lead in my advocacy. I have the means of finding out the truth about hep C claims and will direct people to correct information. It is a known joke about the web: “If you look long enough, hard enough, you will find any symptom as leading to cancer, death or such”.

I encourage you to dig up all you can about hep C and learn, learn, learn. That is all we can do.

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