Money falls endlessly into a liver-shaped hole in the ground.

The Costs of Medicine for Liver Disease

Liver disease is a very costly health condition - Not only the cost for the cured, but the cost for health issues caused by liver disease.

When I go into my physician’s office for check-ups, it feels like I am constantly getting another prescription for another condition I have developed. The last time I walked out of the office with a prescription for blood pressure medication that also doubles as a water pill to help me get rid of water retention. As I added this to my medication list, I sighed handing my pharmacist this newest paper. I began to wonder how I would factor this cost into my budget.

Expensive and unaffordable prescriptions

I am not alone in this battle. Just the other day, I received a call from a woman who needed to work for the health insurance coverage her employer to manage her hepatitis C. Struggling financially to make ends meet and frustrated she discussed her current situation in which her hours are cut. She's now worried that she could lose her insurance.

As we talked, I suggested a few places to contact to inquiry about getting help with her more costly medications, including, Xifaxan, which is insanely expensive and used to help with hepatic encephalopathy. She was asked to pay out-of-pocket over $1,000 for this month’s supply. I could sense her panic and frustration at hearing the cost and knowing she could not make this happen on her budget. I told her to write down a few things I was about to share with her and mentioned that this drug company offers patients free co-pay coupons to help with the cost of this medication. I recommended she visit their website and fill out the paperwork and get that started immediately.

Resources for more affordable prescriptions

I then proceeded to offer suggestions for her to seek assistance with co-pays on other medications she was taking.,, and are great sources for those needing help. However, you must qualify to gain access to their assistance. Financial paperwork may be required from them to qualify. Ask your partner or friend to help you fill out paperwork needed if it becomes too overwhelming.

I have even asked my doctor once I found out about a certain drug cost if he could give me samples or guide me in a direction to get that medication cheaper. If he was not able to, he then would research other options for me. Communication is key with your doctor. Do not be prideful in asking for assistance to help pay for all these medications. Like I said earlier, liver disease causes other serious medical problems and they all add up. Seek out all the options you can find, don’t just not take the medication because you don’t think you can find assistance in paying for it.

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