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Medical Fatigue

Medical Fatigue

What is medical fatigue you may ask? It is a term I use to describe how I have felt for years off and on, but not always.

Tired of doctor visits and endless tests?

I feel that way at times also. The waiting to have tests done, the waiting for test results and all the rest can take a toll on us over the months and years.

As a person who has lived experience with hepatitis c, I have walked this road for many years. I was undiagnosed for years with pain and what were debilitating symptoms with no answers only more tests and hospital stays and on it went.

I am not complaining about the level of care I received, because I genuinely believe the healthcare professionals I saw were honestly looking for the cause. With the tools and knowledge they had available to them, they did their best. My hope is that they learned from their experience, as I did.

I am now faced with yet another walk around the block-the 5th, give or take, since treating my hepatitis c successfully years ago. I am cured of hepatitis c, but not cured of everything it caused or other conditions that may have absolutely nothing to do with the virus or my treatment.

Cushing’s Syndrome was the weirdest post treatment illness I have faced yet, although no pain involved it was one very strange condition caused by a tumor that grew too big. No need to explain what it is, but after 3 years it was removed and life carried on in a kind of normal fashion free of hormonal imbalances caused by faulty adrenals.

The most recent health concern for me is not pain free and is still undiagnosed after a battery of tests, and many of the tests are repeats of ones I have had again and again over the years. More lab visits, hospital and clinic visits are ongoing again. Sheeeeshhhhh it is tiring.

This is the fatigue I call medical fatigue.

This is not something that I experience as an ongoing condition, and it certainly does not cause me to feel depressed, but it is tiring and frustrating at times like this.

I am not alone in this, as I know many of you will know what I am talking about.

The best cure for medical fatigue in my opinion is a good attitude and good results from investigations.

If we have answers and solutions to what ails us it goes a long way to helping to end the feelings of frustration and tiredness caused by these endless tests and visits.

Some of us may develop more serious mood issues, and should always consult a health care provider if a feeling of despair and helplessness persists. Just like we consult about physical issues, we need to be open about our mental state with our care providers.

As I have said before, I am not a Dr. and I am not a health care professional. I am just like you, a person who does the best we can in navigating the journey towards an improved quality of life.

Please don’t despair over medical fatigue

It is like the tiredness we feel in our lives about other things entirely unrelated to health. In my life I have felt fatigue in many ways, and some are related to sport, and other fun things too. It does not necessarily cause things to tear or break, as long as it is not constant, and there is time for rest and healing.

Tiredness in itself is not something I ever allow to overwhelm me, except when I lived with Chronic Hepatitis C.

They are two very different things I understand now.

Medical fatigue is not a medical condition to me, but more a result of medical conditions.

Carry on and try to keep moving as much as you can reasonably do, and give yourself time for rest and healing.

Now if I can only follow my own advice!

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  • fv3p0u
    4 years ago

    Medical Fatigue, is a good way of putting it. I noticed that we have had almost exactly the same experiences,one appointment after another, one doctor after another and still no farther ahead in diagnosing those carry over symptoms. Until one day you are sitting in a doctors office with Hep C posters and articles pasted on his offices walls. I did ask my family physician about ten years earlier if maybe I had Hep C and at the time in 1997 he said that my chances of having it were almost nil although I had recently developed arthritis symptoms,ongoing chronic fatigue, stomach bloating rashes, and allergies. I blamed on an overactive immune system because I had Rheumatic fever when I was thirteen and thought my antibodies were the cause of all those lifelong conditions. However, it took some time before medical science to develop cheaper lab tests so everybody could be tested and not just a select few.So here I am 7 years later fully cured and hundreds of lab tests and doctors later, a little older and a little wiser and like a Hep C recipients, no one but us can understand what the term Medical Fatigue really means.

  • Daryl Luster author
    4 years ago

    We are not alone in our experience as I have discovered. Many of us have walked the same or ver similar steps.

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